2002 WACKOS Flying Schedule
The First and Third Saturday of the month at Frank Liske Park
(Other activities, and where they'll be are also shown)

For more events in the Southeast or others that may not be listed here, click here to visit the AKA Region 4 web site. There are links at the bottom of this page to our year 2000 and 2001 activities.
December 2002
7th - Catch a breath before you start shopping or take a break from shopping and come fly with us at Frank Liske Park. If you can't get to the park to fly, at least go shopping at the WACKOS store and buy some of our junk for everyone on your gift list.
21st - If you were out of town enjoying the holidays with your family, you got a bye this weekend. But if your were home and decided not to come to the park because it looked cold or not windy, you're going to get some time in detention. Jim, Grumpy and Marty had a great day with both big stuff and small stuff filling the air. Grumpy took a few pictures and I put them  >>>>>>   here
November 2002
8 - 10th - Georgia International Sport Kite Championship - The WACKOS fourth annual trip to Tybee Island. I've put a few pictures up for your enjoyment. Click here to go to the page.
16th - Back to Frank Liske Park. Come join us and talk about Tybee!
Monday, 18th - we got rained out! It started sometime early Saturday morning and continued well into the night. Sunday was much better, it only drizzled most of the day. Naturally, the weather cleared today.
October 2002
1st - The AKA Convention kicks off this week in Ocean City. If you can't make the convention, let's have our own convention at FLP. 
Hey! There's some pictures from the convention out there! 
- Check out the AKA web site ( http://www.aka.kite.org/ ) , look in the Table of Contents  for Photo Gallery under Annual Convention.
- And our own Jim & Laura Podlasek, who joined Jim, Mike and Ken, have put up a ton of pictures. Take a look in Jim's Kite Gallery.
26th - This weekend is Carolina Kite Fest XV!. Click  the link to visit their web site. http://www.kitesunlimitednc.com/kitefest.html
September 2002
7th - Okay, Labor Day is over, the kids are back in school and the weather ought to start getting better. Let's get out and fly something!
21st - Oops! Forgot to mention that we rescheduled to Sunday for a special event. Sorry.
August 2002
3rd - Nobody wrote or called to say whether anyone flew today and Jim's note probably discouraged those who might have gone to the park. Anybody game for the 10th? Guess not.
17th - Jim & Grumpy were at the park and reported WIND! It was strong and gusty but they flew some stunters. 'Tis better to fly than not.
July 2002
6th - I know this is the 4th of July weekend but if you will be around on Saturday, come fly with us. There has to be somebody around! Marty will be there. Anybody else?
20th - We had some decent winds for those of us that showed up. However, the dark clouds and clap of thunder about 1:30 had us all packed and outta there in a few minutes. Unfortunately, it never did rain.
June 2002
15th - First note: Apologies to Laura for last months mispelling - I promise not to ever do it again. And surprise - we didn't scare her off, she and Jim came back!  Got some pictures from Grumpy - click here for the page.
May 2002
4th - Because of the monsoon Saturday, we moved our flying day to Sunday. Wise choice. Sunday was a beautiful day, warm sun in a blue sky and gentle breezes. A decent day made better by meeting Jim and Laura, who had heard of the WACKOS, and wanting to be a part of our dynamic group, moved to North Carolina from Nebraska. Was it Lincoln who said something about "some of the people all of the time"? Welcome to NC and the WACKOS, Jim & Laura. Hope we didn't scare you off. 
18th - 
April 2002
6th - Club Fly This is the WACKOS Third Annual Fun Fly and our (first) National Kite Month event. Got some pictures up! Click here to go to the page.
20th - Club Fly - Our normal flying day.  Also, Georgetown (KY) International Kite Festival.  Jim will be going to Georgetown as Region 4 Director. If you're interested in going, contact Jim for info.
27th - Mighty Kite Flight in Flat Rock, NC - To get there, take I-26 West to exit 22 go west off exit to Spartanburg Hwy (approx 1 mile) go south on Spartanburg Hwy (also known as 176) to Blue Ridge Road (approximately 1 mile) turn right or west on Blue Ridge Road go 3/4 mile field is on your left! A nice ride from Charlotte to get to I-26 is to take I-85 to the exit for US 74 around Kings Mtn, through Shelby and on to I-26. It gets slow around Shelby but it's mostly interstate-like roads. I hope the wildflower plantings along US 74 are in bloom, they were near spectacular last year. 
March 2002
2nd - Club Fly - There will be another fun fly at Freedom Park this year sponsored by Meck Parks & Rec. "They were thrilled about having the banners and kites and experienced kiters there last year, and want us back.  I am going to oblige them, and wave the AKA and WACKOS banners there.  Anybody up for just moving our day to Freedom Park for this event? It's a good chance to reach out and find some new fliers. "
9th - Due to last weekends "bit o' rain", the Parks & Rec folks have moved their fun fly to today. There will be kid's kitemaking, and the event is from 11-2. C'mon WACKOS, lets get together and have some fun!
23th - Lake Park Kite Day, Lake Park, NC. 

I got this note from the Lake Park folks : "Greetings from Lake Park.  It's that time again.  The planning for the Lake Park Kite Festival is under way.  The date will be Saturday, March 23.  We need you guys again to make it a success.  if this will work for ya'll let me know.  I am real excited and hope you'll be able to help us out. Denise Morris"

Lake Park Kite Day has been a lot of fun the past two years. Blue skies and warm sun, swirling and variable winds that were sometimes great. There were lots of families from the community and they were all flying something. There were high flying deltas and diamonds, several biplane kites and kids, Moms & Dads running around all over the place. We've been warmly welcomed at Lake Park Kite Day so lets get out and have some fun. Bring your single line stuff to Lake Park, there really isn't enough room to fly stunters safely. Check out the Lake Park web site at http://www.lakeparknc.com ; click "Event Calendar" and look for the Spring Kite Festival. See you there!

February 2002
2nd -Had a few folks come out since it was sunny and not too cold. There was some new stuff in the air today, too and a bunch of new flyers from the community came out to join us. Click here for a couple pictures.
16th - Club Fly - Weather isn't looking too bad for the weekend - the key word is BREEZY! C'mon out and fly with us.
January 2002
18th - 20th, Treasure Island Sport Kite Competition and Festival. Jim Martin was there and at the Kite Trade Assoc International meeting the week before. There are pictures on Dave Gomberg's siteand Forever Flying's site. Check them out.

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