Scheduled Fly  - June 15, '02

A very unusual day in the Carolina Piedmont - we actually had wind and pleasant temps in the 80's! At times it blew hard; then it would quit and everything came down at the same time. There was a pretty impressive display most of the day - a 252 with a rainbow streamer tail and red, white and blue flag streamers for line laundry, a large delta with a bunch of flying elephants, a Merlin GFAK special edition dragon, a rok with ground laundry sewn onto the flying line, a flowform 60 with more rainbow streamers, several beach balls that filled and bounced (and one that didn't) and a large genki with tube tails. Between trips to relaunch everything, Stu entertained us by practicing flying two stunters at the same time. He did real well for his first try at it.

The genki from Nebraska was real friendly and active today, too. So friendly, in fact, that it messed with every kite in the air except Merlin. Somehow I find it hard to believe it never did that in Nebraska.
Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size image.
Good patriotic display
Stu shows off
A most well behaved genki ... now anyway.
Very peacful and calm
There are so many good captions for this one.
Just one more Laura, pull the line again

Then the "devil genki" took over ....
Let's see, if I sneak up behind the 252 ....
Then jump out and grab his bridle from underneath ...
Then wrap my tail on the flying line and pull down ...
And then just pretend nothing happened. Gottit!

After the genki took all the other kites, down, Jim 'finally' put it away.

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