Last Fly day before Christmas  - December 21, '02

If you were out of town for the upcoming holiday, you get a bye for the day. But if you were in town and decided not to come to the park because: YOU MESSED UP! We had a pretty good time flying even though the winds were intermittent and it was cool. But it wasn't that cold. And the company was outstanding, naturally.  And we really haven't had winds this good in a very long time. Here are a few  from Grumpy's camera  ....
Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size image.
Good patriotic display
Stu shows off
A most well behaved genki ... now anyway.
Marty spent some time messing with the bridle on this small Della Porta. Click on the thumbnail then look closely at the full size image. Jim appears to be anchoring one end of Grumpy's new arch with his head. Another picture of Grumpy's arch without the human anchor.
Very peacful and calm
There are so many good captions for this one.
Just one more Laura, pull the line again
This kite always looks great in the sky! Envious (left) and george (right) are trouble lookin' for a place to happen. Envious is trying to "cozy up" to Jim's new rok but she looks a little skeptical of his intentions.
Beauregard hasn't flown this well at FLP in a very long time. Looks like he enjoys the cool air.

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