WACKOS Fall Trip to Tybee Island, Georgia

 November 2002

The WACKOS fourth annual trip to Tybee Island saw a slightly smaller group than last year but a no less enthusiastic one. New WACKOS Jim & Laura made the trip and joined Grumpy, Marty, Jim, James, Kathren, Dottie, Sandra and Stu. Forrest tore himself away from Asheville to join us, too. Katharine and Jamie came late but they brought Ashlyn, the littlest wacko, on her first Tybee trip. The Friday night WACKOS banquet at The Crab Shack was again an outstanding meal..

There were fewer kites and wind toys than last year. Because the AKA Convention was in Ocean City only a few weeks ago, travel budgets and vacation days may have been depleted. So it wasn't as crowded as last year but it was as well attended as past years. Once again, Friday and Saturday nights saw the WACKOS wowing everyone with their night flying. This year, some flyers from Decatur, AL joined the night scene as well as many other guests from the hotel. A new wrinkle was the addition of something called "Magnetic Coolites" - small battery-operated, multi-colored flashing strobes. A small but mighty magnet holds the light to the kite and adds a little weight, but the wind was more than adequate to carry them. Part of the WACKOS contingent to the convention, Laura & The Two Jims (a somewhat wacky name for a rock group), saw these things and brought some home. Almost immediately, we bought a bunch of these lights for the Tybee traditional night fly. They really drew a lot of attention!

The pictures below were supplied by Marty and Grumpy. Jim Podlasek has more on his photo page.

Early Saturday morning, Jim and Grumpy put up the wind farm. Gary was out early too. Before long, we added our own  colors to the sky. But so did everybody else.
Forever Flying and friends are down there someplace. It must be lunch time; all the Martins are heading for the restraurant. Ashlyn, the littlest wacko, flys a kite for the first time. Judging from the size of the hole and sand anchor, it looks like Grumpy wants to put something big in the sky. It looks like Beauregard is going to fly today.
Looks good. While Jim P. gets "Spirit Man" ready to fly. Okra Central looks pretty good this afternoon. And Grumpy is still trying to get Beauregard flying. And then, this guy comes up and says, "If you put a tail on that thing, it will stop all that looping and diving.". This delta combo flew just north of Okra Central. Nice rig.


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