2001 WACKOS Flying Schedule
The First and Third Saturday of the month at Frank Liske Park
(Other activities, and where they'll be are also shown)

Summer's here along with the heat, humidity and the lack of winds.  I'm still hoping we can mix some flying with some workshops this Summer. I'm still taking ideas, including some proposed dates for workshops. Current suggestions for projects are miniature kites (probably paper-fold unless someone gets daring enough to try making little sticks or other ideas for spars and a set of tetra cells based on the multicell tetra at AKA Nationals. If you have any other ideas, or would like to "host" a workshop, e-mail Marty or Jim with your ideas. 

For more events in the Southeast or others that may not be listed here, click here to visit the AKA Region 4 web site
December 2001
8th - This was a good windy day at Frank Liske Park. Click here to see a few pictures.
November 2001
3rd - 
10th - Georgia International Sport Kite Championship. We had a great time for the third year at Tybee. Click here to see the pictures.
17th - 
23rd & 24th - Anybody for a Thanksgiving weekend fly? If you want to fly, come to Mint Hill Park (click here for map)  since I think Frank Liske will be closed for the weekend. But let us know via e-mail so you don't have to fly alone.

October 2001
1st - 6th - AKA Convention in Billings, Montana
6th - Frank Liske Parke - The weather folks are say a 50% chance of rain in the morning but partly cloudy in the afternoon. They're also promising WIND! If it's raining in the morning, look for us in the barn. 
13th -
20th - 
27 - 28 - Carolina Kite Fest at Atlantic Beach - Click here to get more info.  There will be a few WACKOS there.
September 2001

We're doing something different this month due to the Labor Day weekend and the Kite Gypsies thing at Myrtle beach. WE ARE GOING TO FLY ON THE 2ND AND 4TH SATUDAY AT FRANK LISKE PARK instead of the first and third Saturday. Since everyone will probably be busy Labor Day weekend and most everyone wants to go to Myrtle Beach with the Kite Gypsies, You won't have to feel guilty about staying home and flying. So, contact Ray Williams and get the scoop on the Kite Gypsies. Let's see if we can make the WACKOS and the Kite Gypsies at Myrtle Beach.
1st - Labor Day weekend 
8th - WACKOS at Frank Liske Park
14 - 16th - Carolina Kite Gypsies at Myrtle Beach - click here to see the poster. Contact Ray Williams - RUA2K@sc.rr.com - for details.
22nd - WACKOS at Frank Liske Park
29th - 

August 2001
4th - 
18th - Aside from a few rain showers, the flying wasn't too bad today. The morning started hot and sticky but cooled off after a couple minor showers. Thanks to Jeff, we had a dry place to sit. A couple fighters flew, some light wind stunters and a large delta managed to hold up the "Little Red" octopus for a time. Later in the afternoon, there was enough wind for a rok battle. 

And if you didn't come out today, you missed Stuart flying a single line kite. As he played with a tumbling cube he could be heard to say,  "I can't believe I'm flying a single line kite!". 

July 2001
7th - Y'all missed a great day for July. Temps were lower due to the cloud cover, but the winds kept stuff in the air.
June 2001
2nd - First Saturday 
16th - Third Saturday 
22nd - 24th - Old Dominion Sport Kite Championships. click the link to go to their web site:  http://www.odskc.com
May 2001
5th - This is our regular club fly and the Gulf Coast Kite Fest, Long Beach, MS. Read more about the Long Beach Kite Fest at the AKA Region 4 page. And I finally got some pictures on the site! Click here to see the first set.

April 2001 is National Kite Month!
7th - WACKOS 3rd Annual National Kite Month Fun Fly at Frank Liske Park. 
21st. - Here's another chance to get out. The weather looks great and hopefully there will be some wind.
28th - The Point Lake & Country Club, Mooresville. Take I-77 North to exit 33, Williamson Rd., turn left at exit. Go 2.5 miles or so, turn left at light onto Brawley School Road.  Stay on BSR for many miles, until "dead ends" into Traffic Circle.  Go 3/4 of the way around the circle (counter clockwise) and turn into The Point Lake and Country Club.  Look for soccer field sized area highlighted by a relatively large kinda Egyptian obelisk (mini Washington Monument) and some number of kids with kites...

Also the 28th - The Red Bud Festival in Saxapahaw. Here are some directions but they're spotty. I've been told you can look for signs once you get to Mebane. Take I 85 North to the Mebane Oaks exit. South to Saxapahaw. Go 8 miles on Mebane Oaks Road to Highway 54. Go straight 3 and 1/2 miles to Beth Church Road. Turn into drive. Entrance to the field is across from 1864 Mulberry Lane. Click here to see a local map of the area.

Another on the 28th: Barbara from Narnia Studios has again asked the WACKOS to join her for the Mighty Kite Flight in East Flat Rock, NC.  There are directions at www.hillandale.org, but these are are from Barbara: take I-26 West to exit 22 go west off exit to Spartanburg Hwy (approx 1 mile) go south on
Spartanburg Hwy (also known as 176) to Blue Ridge Road (approximately 1 mile) turn right or west on Blue Ridge Road go 3/4 mile field is on your left! A nice ride from Charlotte to get to I-26 is to take I-85 to the exit for US 74 around Kings Mtn, through Shelby and on to I-26. It gets slow around Shelby but it's mostly interstate-like roads. I hope the wildflower plantings along US 74 are in bloom, they were near spectacular last year. 

March 2001
3rd - Club Fly
Freedom Park - Charlotte/Mecklenburg Parks and Rec is planning a Kids Kite Day at Freedom Park. You received an e-mail about this from Jim with more info. Check it out!
Tybee Island - Gone With the Wind SKC. I don't know of anyone going, but let the others know if you're planning to go.
17th - This, the third Saturday in March, also happens to be St. Patrick's Day.  Of course, it is well known that green kites don't fly, but maybe we could have a Mass Ascension of kites that are green, greenish, or at least have a touch of green in them?  Or, there are a few kites in the world with celtic graphics, if you happen to own one of those, this would be the chance you've been waiting for.
There's also the Harmony Kite Fly near Statesville.
24th - Again, two choices.
Cedar Rock Kite Day, Alamance County
Mike reported on the Alamance County Parks and Recreation  annual Kite day at Cedarock Park today, March 24th. Highlights are: 
Warm weather, Blue sky. Lots of kids. Nice field. Porta Potties. 
Met some new fliers. Got some press. Oh yes, I almost forgot WIND. It was a very enjoyable day with an assortment of kites in the sky and lots and lots of plastic diamonds. Jim got a picture of the "Real Kite eating TREE" it should be some time before he gets hungry, I think we saw four in that one tree. Flyer made many parachute jumps and we held about four candy drops. Parks department gave Jim and I T shirts for coming and the WACKOS got a lot of thanks.
We also received this note from Bryan Hagood, Recreation Coordinator, Alamance County Recreation and Parks Department: 
"On behalf of the Alamance County Recreation and Parks Department I would like to take this opportunity to thank the WACKOS for attending our 2nd Kite Day at Cedarock Park.  We were very pleased with the attendance we had this year.  Mike McMullen and Jim Martin were most gracious and went out of their way to help make our event a success.  This is the second year the WACKOS have attended our event and we compliment you on your professional and fun-loving attitude.  The Alamance County Recreation and Parks Department looks forward to working with the WACKOS in the future."
Lake Park Kite Day, Lake Park, NC Lake Park Kite Day was a lot of fun. Blue skies and warm sun, swirling and highly variable winds that sometimes were marvelous. There were lots of families from the community and they were all flying something. There were some high flying deltas and diamonds, several biplane kites and kids, Moms & Dads running around all over the place. The red octopus made an appearance, as did 'Peanuts' the 7' elephant. Faye Raye was there but was very cranky all afternoon. We were warmly welcomed once again at Lake Park.
February 2001
3rd -Noticed that our next flying day, February 3, will be the first WACKOS fly of the Chinese (and most of the rest of Asia) New Year.  With that in mind, if you have an oriental style kite, whether in design or graphics, why not bring it out?  Also, since the Chinese use a lunar calendar, moon themed kites would be a possibility, if you have anything like that.  As a "last resort," since kites are an oriental invention, if you just have a kite, bring that!  (There, I think that covers everybody...)
10th - Field Trip! Mike's Kite Museum was great! If you do get a chance to visit, it's really worth it. You haven't ever seen this much kite stuff in one place, ever.
17th - If you didn't make this one, and there were a lot of you, you missed  a fine day: Sunny, good breezes and great fun.
January 2001
6th - Those of you that didn't come out missed the BEST FLYING DAY THIS YEAR! So far, anyway. At one point we had 7 flyers and about 9 kites in the air.
13th - Treasure Island Kite Festival and Competition - (Notice how the competition is such a small part of the whole thing?) This was the best TISKC of the three that have been held!  There weren't many WACKOS there (just me!) but I wanted to prove that kites do fly at Treasure Island during festivals. Click here to see some pictures.

There are a bunch of pictures from WACKOS Year 2000. Click here to visit those pages.