Mississippi Gulf Coast Kite Fest  - May 3-5, '01

Several members of the WACKOS traveled to Long Beach, Mississippi for the 2nd Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Kite Fest.  Along with internationally known sport kite designer and flier, Dodd Gross, WACKOS were the featured fliers at the event.

Near-perfect winds on Saturday's festival day allowed us to put a skyfull of stuff into the air, including a large assortment of Peter Lynn's inflatables, a 45' spinsock, several streamer sets, three arches and a respectable wind-farm of banners, spinners and what-nots on the ground.

Jeff Crump entered the Rok battle, and battled his way to second place: while, at the post-festival banquet, WACKOS were awarded the "Best in Show"
trophy by our gracious hostess, Sharon Bouffanie.

Thanks you to Sharon and all the gang at Long Beach and all the event sponsors for a wonderful festival and your warm hospitallity.  It was a great
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