Stuff about okra I've found here and there


Here's a new one: The Oklahoma Rocket Association(OkRA) Homepage.
From a Glo-stick wholesaler's frequently asked questions page. Obviously the person has a wacky sense of humor.
Q. Can my glowstick kill me?
A: Decidedly yes. If you jam it into your brain or lodge it firmly in your throat or plunge it through your heart, your
glowstick can indeed kill you or others. It is therefore that we recommend not doing any of these things. When used
appropriately, your glowstick is as likely to cause harm as any other blunt, 1oz. chunk of plastic.

Q: Are glowsticks really non-toxic?
A: In comparison with cyanide, Draino and arsenic, yes. But we are not always satisfied with the "non-toxic" label.
Certainly an intact glowstick is just a piece of plastic, albeit one with greater potential than the average. Remember,
however, that it is filled with CHEMICALS and GLASS. The non-toxic label applied to these is somewhat misleading, no?
Used properly, glowsticks are fun and safe. But NEVER drink the contents or chew on a glowstick. If it breaks, you will
have a mouthful of mostly hydrogen peroxide and also broken glass. This may work for circus geeks, but for untrained
amateur geeks this is dangerous and not much fun.

Jim sent me a note with a bunch of new okra places he found. I've verified that the links work, but I can't vouch for the content. I'll let you do that. There's a link to the old page at the bottom - click the picture of the golden pod below.

Hiya -- 
Bored, searched Okra and found some new ones... 

Hedgeapplecraft : Gallery  Including Okra Lizard Trio.

Debbie DoesOkra   Includes "Debbie was positive anyone experiencing an okra croissant would
be far too sophisticated to retch when reaching the surprise inside..." She shoulda done Dallas instead.

DC Dead's Okra Fest 1999   Grateful Dead fans throw an Okra Party... 

28th Annual Irmo Okra Strut - South Carolina   Their New Webpage 

RecipeSource: Kosher Creole Seafood Gumbo   Multicultural Okra! 

RecipeSource: Peanut Soup With Okra Croutons   Okra croutons? 

The following aren't particularly 'wacky', but they may be of interest to the true okra aficionado:
Visit Delta State University, home of the Fighting Okra 
Check out the bookstore for Okra merchandise!
                  click here =====>
Click me to visit the home of the Fighting Okra
If you want to know the real story why Delta State calls their team the Fighting Okras, check out this web site >>

The Golden Pod!

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