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This entry from the Bubba archive says it all!
Dear Matt,

I can't stand the thought of stewed okra, either! As someone recently
said in reference to sugar in cornbread (hey, it's not Granny's, but it's not
horrible)--EEEWWWWW, GROSS!
However, I do believe I could live on iced tea and my Granny's fried
okra for the rest of my life. Admittedly, a diet of fried okra would ensure
that that life wouldn't be very long, but I'd die happy!
A friend recently introduced me to pickled okra, too. It's absolutely
delicious, if you can get past the faint prickly feel it has. Yummy!


Now for news from the "Nation's Second Leading Source for Misinformation", The Bogus News Network

The name speaks for itself - White Water Wackos

From Doug Robarchek's Kaptain Cnowledge, The Charlotte Observer, May 4, 1999

"Dear KAPTAIN C: I'm new here. Tell me about Okracoke. Is it the best beach in the world?  NEWCOMER
DEAR COMER: "Okracoke?" It sounds like either the best beach or the worst soft drink idea."

"Dear KAPTAIN C: What's green and slimy and has its own talk show? STRAIGHT MAN
DEAR MAN: Okra Winfrey. Also Jerry Springer"

A trashy trio from the largest  trailer park in Sacto..... The Okra Pickles


Okra     Dec 22 - Jan 20
Although you appear crude, you are actually very slick on the inside. Okras have tremendous influence.
An older Okra can look back over his life and see the seeds of his influence everywhere. Stay away from
Moon Pies
There's no connection to the pod except the name but these guys make some beautiful glass objects .... Okra Art Glass. Their web seems to have gone away, but if you search on "Okra Art Glass" you'll see some beautiful examples.

The following aren't particularly 'wacky', but they may be of interest to the true okra aficionado:
Visit Delta State University, home of the Fighting Okra
Check out the bookstore for Okra merchandise!
Click me to visit the home of the Fighting Okra

Click to go to the Okra Patch, custom embroidery, clothes and more, in Hiawassee, GA