2009 WACKOS Flying Schedule
The First and Third Saturday of every month at Frank Liske Park
(Other activities, and where they'll be are also shown)

For other events around the country, click here to visit the AKA  web site and select "Event Calendar.

Sometimes, I don't get all the good pictures. But Jim & Laura post theirs for everyone to enjoy. Check out their  gallery at Kitefliers Kite Gallery. 
And Jim Martin puts a bunch up at his Fotki photo page.
January 2009
3 - First Saturday - Kinda sorta rained out. The weather really has been pretty wet so far this year. As of the 8th, we're about 1.35 inches above our normal rainfall for the year. Every drop helps get back the "feet" of rain we're behind for the last couple of years.
17 - Third Saturday -
24 -  
31 -  
February 2009
7 - First Saturday -  Weather Undergrounds is predicting "Sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph." It looks like we all need to get out to Franke Liske Park and fly something! Pretty nice day with variable winds. But it was warm after a very cold January. A good day to be outside!
14 -  
21 - Third Saturday: Willie and the Wheel concert in Greensboro....WACKOS roadtrip? It's also Mardi Gras weekend - anyone going? Did anyone fly?
28 -  

March 2008

7 - First Saturday
14 -  
21 - Third Saturday - This is Lake Park Kite Day from 10 am to 2 pm in Founders Park. We've been asked back again so bring your single line stuff and be ready to help the kids of Lake Park fly their kites. If you want to play with duals or quads bring very short lines - there isn't much room. Or better yet, save them until the field empties towards the end of the festival. You could also go back to fly after a WACKOS lunch someplace.
28 - Smithsonian Kite Festival - Click here to go to the web page.
April 2009
4 - First Saturday- WACKOS 10th Anniversary Celebration. Let get everyone out to the park and fly! If you haven't been out in a while, this is the day to join us.

Weather was pretty good with the usual highly variable winds.  Jim Martin got a few shots. Check them out at http://public.fotki.com/JMartJr/kite_fests/wackos/10th-birthday-fun-fly/

11-12 Easter weekend
18 - Third Saturday - Blue Ridge Kite Festival, Salem, VA.
25 - Flying at Ft Defiance, Fort Defiance 18th Century Plantation 10-5 or so. This event is in it's 4th year, grows every year and everyone that has gone had a fun but challenging time with winds and weather. It's a good chance to go to the mountains, explore an 18th Century home site and fly a few kites. Last year we had beautiful weather and plenty of flyers and spectators.  See the Ft Defiance web site for a map to the site.

Holden Beach "Days at the Docks". See Holden Beach Merchants Assoc web site for more information.

26 - Flying at The Laurels - lets meet there about 10:00 am, set up a ground display, fly whatever we can. Bring some single liners for the residents to fly, too. Afterwards, we'll grab lunch someplace. The address is 13180 Dorman Rd, Pineville, NC 28134; plug that into Google Maps and get directions from where you live.
May 2009
2 - First Saturday
3 - Second Albemarle Kite Festival, 2 to 5 pm at the Soccer Complex on the Stanly Community College campus. To get to the complex, Take Hwy 24/27 East from Charlotte, about 26 miles from I-485. Take a slight left at NC-1274/W Main St. Turn left at College Dr/ NC-1306. The soccer fields are on the left, parking on the right.

Note! I've heard there's construction at the intersection of Hwy 24/27 and NC-1274. This is what you need to do .... Instead of turning slightly left at NC-1274/W Main St, continue to the traffic light and turn left.  There will be signs for the Main St. detour. When you get to Main St, turn left and look for College Dr/NC-1306 on the right.

Plug this address, College Dr, Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina 28001, into Google Maps to get directions from where you are.

9 -  
16 - Third Saturday - Welcome to Summer weather - a chance of rain in the afternoon. So get up early and come up to the park and get in a little early flying. I plan to bring a bunch of ULs.

As it turned out, the winds were fairly brisk at times and usually when the rain started. After a short sprinkle, Hector, Vero & Marty went into Harrisburg for lunch. After returning to the park and getting a couple kites in the air, the winds really picked up and blew in a really heavy storm. Fortunately, the young couple that got married down by the lake finished their ceremony and were back under cover when the rain started. Unfortunately, the three kiters had to run for cover and everything got soaked. Once it stopped, we retrieved the two kites the rain had beat into the ground and headed for home. This was the first rainout, while flying, in quite awhile. Those that stayed home had the right idea but missed the pita burgers at Louis' in Harrisburg.

23-25 Memorial Day Weekend - Where will you be? I plan to be in San Ramon, CA at the Art & Wind Festival.
June 2009
6 - First Saturday - Let's hope it isn't too hot to fly!
20 -

Third Saturday

27 -  
July 2009
4 - First Saturday - Show your Independence! Go fly a kite!
18 Third Saturday - This was a pretty decent day. The winds were up and down, as usual, and the temps weren't too bad. We flew everything from quads to single line ULs today. I have to admit the best part was the ice cream and slushes after the flying. It would really be nice if the weather stayed this pleasant for August.
August 2009
1 First Saturday - According to  Weather Underground, tomorrow's forecast is "Patchy fog in the morning. Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. A chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Humid with highs in the upper 80s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent."

It looks pretty chancy to me so I'd wait and see what's happening before I left for the park.

15 Third Saturday -
September 2009
5-7 First Saturday scheduled fly and Labor Day weekend -

Mile High Kite Fly at Beech Mountain, NC - Click here to read about the Mile High Kite Fly. Eddie took a bunch of KAP photos and put them here >> Eddie's KAP photos and Charlie Dunton put some here >> 7th Beech Mountain Festival.

19 Third Saturday
October 2009

The weathermen were right on target today. Sunny. High 70's. Winds 5 - 10 mph. Variable but it was blowing. Stu, Brian, Eddie & Vickie, Ed W, Jim M, Marty, Suzie, Roger, his brother Joe, and Ron came out to enjoy a great Fall afternoon. As the day progressed, the winds got stronger. The ULs got put away and out came several big foils with tails, deltas and a mess of other SLKs and a big, Panther-colors Octopus under a sky-blue pilot. It was a very entertaining afternoon for lots of people that watched from around the fields enjoying us and our hobby. When the Octopus lifted off,  people came from all around the park to ooh and aah. It was very enjoyable talking to them and answering their questions.  Eddie put up some video here and some pics here.

I hope this is the beginning of some great Fall flying.

17 Third Saturday - Yet another rainy day in Piedmont Carolina. With any kind of luck, tomorrow will be nice enough to get out and fly. If you're out and about in Matthews or South Charlotte, stop by  Francis Beatty Park on Weddington Rd in the afternoon. Come by the baseball diamonds and look for some "local color".
24 Fall Ft Defiance Fly? Not this year, sorry. Plan for next April for the Spring fly at Ft Defiance.

Carolina Kite Fest at the Sheraton Atlantic Beach, NC. See Carolina Kite Fest at Kites Unlimited.

31  HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We've got to fly something ghostly today! Let's have a mass ascension of ghostly white kites someplace. Got any suggestions??
November 2009
7 & 8

Cape Fear Kite Festival & John Barresi Rev Clinic November 6th – 8th

WOW! Perfect weather, perfect weekend, lots of flying and lots of people enjoying the show. Some Pictures ....

From John McEntire: John Mc SmugMug Cape Fear 2009 pictures.  Ben posted some on a Rev forum - click here - the photos are about the middle of the topic.  Jim Martin has some in his albums - Jim's Fotki pages.

21 Third Saturday
December 2009
5 First Saturday
19 Third Saturday