WACKOS Fall Trip to Tybee Island, Georgia

 November 2000

(Oh yeah, there was a competition there too - the Georgia Int'l Stunt Kite Championship)

This was the second WACKOS trip to Tybee for the Fall festival. As you can see above, they were kind enough to rename the festival in our honor. Well, they really didn't, but this is our web site. There was a much larger contingent than last year with Grumpy and Susan joining a whole bunch of Martins making their way from Charlotte.

Unfortunately, our long anticipated gumbo at the "traditional WACKOS Friday night banquet at Tybee" didn't happen due to an ownership change at the restaurant. But we did have a great time at the first annual WACKOS night fly on Tybee Beach. Several folks staying at the hotel came down to watch and chat. We even had some of the competition flyers come down for a visit. We all had a great time and saw many old kiting friends, and as usual, made a few more.
Now this is what a kite festival should look like! The WACKOS fill the sky on the fun side of the pier. (Click the image at right to see the full size image.)
WACKOS own kite festival

 Check out the pictures below.

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Friday night's moonrise welcomed the WACKOS to Tybee
The pier and pavilion was the centerpiece of the festival.
Jim and Susan were on the beach early Saturday
Jim's new bulldog with his newly made chain link tail
Under the bulldog was a huge spin sock
The AKA signature banner also drew interested visitors.
This is what a kite festival is supposed to look like!
Oh yeah, there was a competition on the other side of the pier.

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