Fun Fly  - September 16, '00

 With a front moving through Charlotte, today had some promise for winds and good weather. The temperatures were great and the sky was mostly clear. The winds were sometimes strong, sometimes non-existent, but if you didn't come out to fly, you missed out! Check out the pictures below.

Click the images below to see a larger version.

The new millenium WACKOS banner! Finished in time for the trip to Treasure Island, Fla, for the AKA convention October 2-7, 2000.
Jim expresses everyone's feelings at the highly variable wind conditions. This was unusual for today - 4 kites in the air at the same time. Jim's tandem deltas, Marty's Tri-D and Grumpy's 10 foot delta and Sky Foil from GKPI.
Ms Power Ranger has some fun playing with the parachute. Look into the center of the chute - she's smiling back atcha. Sandra unveils (to the WACKOS anyway) her new "Oh, WOW!" kite. This is Sandra first homemade kite and it flies beautifully. Great job, Sandra!
Click the picture for a closer look at Sandra's kite.

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