Frank Liske Park - May 21, 2005

There weren't very many of us but we had the spirit and some decent winds most of the time. Dory came along and shot a few pictures for us.
The small images below are thumbnails, click them to see the full image.
We had some single line kites but the winds were variable enough that they were coming down alot. After awhile, we stopped messing with them because we were enjoying the other too muc.
The "quilt" DC looks really good with a black tail. The woven delta hung in there for quite awhile. If you look close, there's a small diamond train at the top of the hill. The flier said he got them from Beijing. They were made of some kind of rice paper.

We had everything today ...
Kites going downwards
As usual, Stu was practicing his tricks. This must be a new trick - the kite has it's back to Stu. He really was flying, honest. But there were these lulls, you see, when nothing worked.
Kites going towards the ground
 Kites going left
There were floating kites ... Kites going for the ground Kites going to the left
 Kites going right
Best of all - kites going up. Both of them.
Some kites wouldn't stop flying
Kites going to the right But best of all, kites going up! Some kites stayed flying by taking a short break now and then
Some just wouldn't fly well
But when it inflated, it was FUN!
This is cool cuz the Speedway's in the background.
This foil had trouble inflating But it sure looked like fun when it did. This shot shows how close Lowe's Motor Speedway is to Frank Liske Park.
New flyer with his Nexus
It was a quad kind of day
Doug like his Rev II stack
This fellow found the WACKOS on the web and came out to join us. Sometimes it was great for quads Sometimes it was better for two quads


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