Cabin Fever Fly at Frank Liske Park - Feb. 26, 2000

After a couple weeks of real winter, two workshops and lots of staying in time, some of the WACKOS were ready to get out and do some flying. Jim, Franko, Stuart, Marty, Keith & Debbie and Ray were out to add some color to the sky. The winds were highly variable all day but the temperatures were in the 70s. Many people shared out need to get out doors and enjoy the day. There were lots of families, some flying kites, and many of them came by to visit and see the kites and banners. The kids were really interested in all the bright colors. It was truly a great way to spend the day.

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The wind farm with some new banners from the workshop. The parachute was sometimes fully inflated. While the delta soared almost all day.
Froggy actually flew today. Jim's combined arches obviously inspired him. Jim Martin's circoflex. It looks good and has special meaning. Second Workshop project kite.

I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted today. I was having too much fun flying stuff and enjoying the warm weather.

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