Winter Facet Kite Workshop - February 19, 2000

Our second workshop was to make a four sided facet kite. Marty again led a group of dedicated kitemakers, Mike, Bonnie, Reid, Jim and Franko, in making the project kite. Tony brought his windjammer for repairs and improvement and to share a machine. Sandra came by to chat and ended up with a full size pattern and a better idea of colors for her own winter project. This was a more extensive project than the banner project, but everyone did very well. Take a look at the last picture in the table below to see our progress. The smiles say it all. Everyone is ready to go out and fly their new kites this weekend.

Again, thanks to Recognition Plus for allowing us to take over their workspace for this project.  Below are a few pictures of the event.

Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.
Reid has the panels cut and hemmed and starts to draw the stitching lines.
Bonnie hems her panels
For his first time using a sewing machine, Franko really looks like he's enjoying it. Marty's prototype is on his left to show him the way.
Tony explains to Jim how he's going to improve his Windjammer. He's committed now, the first cuts have been made. Jim wanted me to take this picture so he could say he was captured on film actually sewing his workshop kite. It doesn't look posed at all, does it?  Let's see, if I put the pink panel there, it should look like this. But if I put it under here, it will look like that. Let's look at how you did yours again.
Concentrate! Straight seam, straight seam, straight seam. Sandra and Jim look on as Tony and Bonnie concentrate on their project. Sandra brought material samples to decide on the colors for her "Oh,WOW!" kite. These colors look pretty good together, don't they?
All I have to do is cut a couple more sticks and then put in the corner connectors..... Bonnie gets the frame together just in time for the kite group picture. You can see everyone had fun and made some great looking kites. 

What's the next project? Some ideas are a small straw and tissue tetra kite, basic delta or an arch kite. Send your suggestions to okra-eaters at wackos dot org

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