WACKOS 1st Annual Dinner & Awards Banquet

 January 15, 2000

Saturday night, January 15th, the WACKOS held a dinner to celebrate our first full year of flying together. Many flyers and spouses attended and we filled the party room at the Bayou Kitchen in Charlotte. Those attending were Sandra Boward, Stuart Crum, Jim, Pat, Kathren and James Martin, Dave Hobson, Marty Groet and Dory Mazina, Mike and Sandy McMullen, Reid and Sandy Smith with their newest flyer, Natalie Anne, and Tony and Gaynor Stack.  As a surprise, flyers and supportive spouses were awarded a "Golden Pod" as a memento of our year of flying together.

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Also announced was the WACKOS Kiter of the Year Award. A copy of the press release and a picture of the presentation are below.

The Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society, Charlotte, NC's only 
active club for kite makers and fliers, has announced the first recipient of 
the WACKOS Kiter of the Year Award.  At the WACKOS 1st Annual Dinner Party and Awards Banquet, held last Saturday at the Bayou Kitchen in Charlotte, the award was presented to Marty Groet.

The award was presented by Jim Martin, Jr. (right), who praised Groet for his 
commitment to the club and his warmth and sincere friendship to all those who 
have flown with the WACKOS in their first year.  Martin said, "Marty, you are 
the one who keeps most of us coming back -- in spite of the rest of us!"

Marty Groet was among the founders of the WACKOS, attended 6 of the 7 
official kite events at which WACKOS was represented, was a consistent and 
supportive presence at the club's twice monthly flying days and is the leader 
of the WACKOS in their challenge with the Treasure Island Sport Kite Klub 
(TISKK, of Treasure Island, FL) to see which club could fly the most fighter 
kites on a single branching line (WACKOS currently lead by a comfortable 
margin 21 - 12).  Groet is an accomplished kite maker, with many members of 
WACKOS owning and flying his G-Fighter kites.  His variation on Peter Lynn's 
Tri-D design was the hit of the Cellular and Box Kite Mass Ascension at 
Carolina Kite Fest this year. His club banners are a central part of every 
WACKOS get-together.

He also organized and lead the first WACKOS workshop, where members and 
friends made mini-banners to decorate the flying field, as well as having 
created and maintained the club's web site.

The selection of Marty Groet as the first WACKOS Kiter of the Year was 
unanimous by the other members of the club.

For more information about the WACKOS,  visit our web site at:


The WACKOS are open to any flier or kite enthusiast, and meets regularly at Frank Liske Park, weather permitting.  The WACKOS is an affiliated chapter of the American Kitefliers Association (AKA).



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