Winter Banner Workshop - January 15, 2000

On Saturday, January 15th, in lieu of a fun fly, we held a workshop to make small banners for our wind farm. Marty Groet led a small, but dedicated, group in this first of several Winter Workshops to keep us involved in flying until Spring. We want to thank Reid Smith and his Dad for allowing us to use their workspace at Recognition Plus for this workshop. Reid was also making his first attempt at sewing and did a marvelous job. Since the purpose was to build a basic, single color banner, everyone was looking forward to adding their own unique designs after the workshop. Judging from the enthusiasm shown, I'm sure there will  be more banners on the field this Spring. Below are a few pictures of the event.

Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.
Mike, Jim & Bonnie start measuring and cutting.
Reid gets started on his banner.
Mike is the first to hit the sewing machine.
But Bonnie wins the speed sewing award. My guess is that she's done this before. Mike gives Reid a few pointers about the fine art of using a sewing machine. Jim has finished the banner and starts working on the sleeve. Notice the basic, single color banner.
List of Materials needed
1 yard ripstop material, 3/4 oz Nylon 
1 roll Wonder Tape - double sided hemming tape
1 spool Metrocene or other 100% polyester thread
1/4" x 4' fiberglass pole
A little adjustment and I can finish this banner. Click here to see the instructions. Click on the picture of the basic plan for the banner

Marty made these two mini-banners as prototypes for the workshop. They're seen here at Sand Key Beach in Clearwater, FL.

What's the next project? Some ideas are a small snowflake-type kite or a basic delta. Send your suggestions to okra-eaters at wackos dot org
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