There were two events this weekend where the WACKOS flew. One was the Carolina Kite Fest in Atlantic Beach, NC hosted by Don Dixon and Kites Unlimited. The second was a new event that we hope will become an annual event. Holden Beach, NC has an annual Fall Art & Crafts Festival. This year, we were asked by the Merchants Assoc. to fly some kite demos for those that attended the festival. There were WACKOS up and down the NC coast this weekend.

I've collected a few pictures from each location, thanks to Doug L'H and Joe & Linda for the Carolina Kite Fest pictures; Marty & Grumpy took the shots at Holden Beach.
All of the pictures below are thumbnail (small) images of the full size picture - click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.
Carolina Kite Fest, Atlantic Beach
Kids and kites
Holden Beach Festival by the Sea

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